Reflections on a War: The Junior School Remembers

Reflections on a War: Junior School Remembrance Day CeremonyWhen World War II started, YHS was a very new school – just seven years old. Students at York House were very involved and affected by WWII. In the YHS “Chronicle” there are many pieces of writing and artwork by students that were done during the war. Junior students shared these pieces during their Remembrance Day Ceremony on November 8, 2012.

‘The Social Service Club’ is about the war effort at YHS. Yorkies also used the war effort as inspiration for their creative writing. ‘Knitting Needles’ is a piece by Yorkie Rosemary Orchardson. ‘Downtown on V-E Day’ is a piece by Yorkie Marilyn McLallen about the celebrations in Vancouver on V-E Day:


A Veteran Visits Grade 5:

A Veteran Visit Grade 5On November 7, the Grade 5s had a special visitor courtesy of The Memory Project. An RCMP officer and veteran came to talk about Remembrance Day and his experiences in Afghanistan:

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