Human Library Comes to YHS

Margot Sangster - National Human Library Day
Margot Sangster talks to the Gr. 6’s and 7’s about her experiences as a woman working in Afghanistan

January 26 was National Human Library Day. The Gr. 6’s and 7’s were treated to a special “Human Library” guest in the Junior Library. Margot Sangster lived and worked in Afghanistan and shared her stories and photos with the girls. She provided lots of background information on the culture and political climate of the country. Hearing first hand accounts is what a Human Library is all about. Justyna L., Grade 6, fills us in:

What is the human library you ask?
The Human Library is a program where humans take on the role of books. A person can be a living book who provides first hand information about their life or job.

Margot Sangster - National Human Library DayWho was our human book?
Margot Sangster
is a Canadian women who has been living and working in Afghanistan for the past year and a half.

She was the Program Management and Coordination Advisor with the Ministry of Agriculture in Afghanistan. Prior to that she was the Employment Service Center Specialist at the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (she was actually employed by the Civilian Technical Assistance Program in Afghanistan).

What was it like for her living in Afghanistan?
A womens daily life is much harder than a women living in Canada. She has to wear clothing that covers her body in a modest way. She wore a head scarf, a skirt that reached the ground and a jacket that covered her hips. When a women goes out she would have to be accompanied by a male relative.

Why did Margot decide to go to Afghanistan?
Ms. Sangster wanted to go to Afghanistan because she heard of the horrible the conditions that girls and women had to face and she wanted to help.

Will she go back to Afghanistan?
She will go back to Afghanistan if she can get another job in Afghanistan.

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