And the 2013-14 Executive is…

Congratulations to the following candidates for being chosen as the 2013-2014 Student Executive!

Head Girl Candidate Laura. A
Head Girl Candidate Laura at the Forum Assembly

Head Girl
Laura A.

Vice-Head Girl
Leila M.

Community Service Captains
Aviva G.
Skylar G.

House Captains
Emma S.
Maddy B.
Miranda R.
Anna B.

Class Presidents
Jemimah R.
Laura F.
Sherina T.
Natasha L.

These girls will be working together with the present executive until the end of the year.

Thanks to everyone who voted thoughtfully and to this year’s exec, staff, and especially Mr. Riendl for their help with the process. And thank you to all the candidates who had the courage to run!
Ms B.

Prior to Election Day, staff & students had the chance to hear directly from our candidates during the Forum Assembly. Candidates fielded a series of prepared questions followed by an impromptu round. Here is just some of what we learned:

Head Girl Laura proposed a new spirit day for the school that joins the junior and senior schools together for a fun community day. To the role of Head Girl, she brings her public speaking skills and her ability to connect with younger students. Many remember her from her ON TRACK presentation last year.

Leila has wanted to be Vice-Head since Grade 7. Her communication and organizational skills make her efficient, and the role of Vice-Head will be her number one priority.

Caitlin thinks YHS’s greatest strength is our sense of community: “we should be proud of it”.

Nicole loves being part of an all-female student body because of the connections made with classmates, the small classes, learning to problem solve together and the friendships.

Vanessa says one of the greatest challenges Yorkies face is being prepared for the world outside YHS. She suggests being involved in activities outside of the school in order to broaden your horizons.

Constance gives the following advice to stressed out students: “manage your time wisely, and find ways to de-stress”. She mentioned yoga, running, tai chi and talking with friends as good de-stressing options.

Parisa reminded students that if they are stressed out, they should go see their teachers: “they are there to help you”.

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Skylar gave the following advice to incoming Gr. 8’s: try different activities, and then narrow down your commitments – “it’s about quality, not quantity.”

Aviva’s  proudest moment as a Yorkie was receiving her community service pin: “The number of Yorkies involved in Community Service is mind-boggling”.

Alisha thinks incorporating service into spirit day is a great idea.

Candice says the woman that inspires her the most is Jane Goodall, as “she is truly committed to environmentalism and philanthropy”.

Carman says that ‘meaningful volunteerism’ means “volunteering in what you really believe in – what relates to you.”

Sydney mentioned how volunteering with KidSafe has been such a rewarding experience for her.

Coco’s proudest moment as a Yorkie was with the Chorista group in Whistler. It was her first school trip and she had the chance to work with “cool teachers and learn new techniques”. Winning Gold showed her how important teamwork is.

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