The Blazer Exchange

Blazer Exchange
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The Blazer Exchange is a special day for both the present executive and the newly elected executive. For one group, it’s the official end to their posts, and for the other, it’s just the beginning.

This assembly is an opportunity for the present executive to say thank you and goodbye to the school community, and for us to acknowledge them for their many, many contributions to our school.

Incoming and outgoing student executive at the Blazer Exchange
Incoming and outgoing student executive at the Blazer Exchange on May 6, 2013.

As someone who had the immense pleasure of working closely with the twelve girls who served this year, I can say that they have been one of the best executives we have had. Among other things, the exec is about working as a team, setting a good example, meeting commitments, and caring about the YHS community. These twelve girls have done all of that—they have truly made the staff and students a priority this year. By bringing us new events such as the BBQ after Sports-a-rama; by spending more of their grad budget to bring us classy, snazzy dances; by fundraising enough money for the graduating class by November; by keeping community service in the forefront of our minds; and by not being afraid to make a fool of themselves in front of all of us time and time again (because exec should be able to be a little silly too!)—they have been a genuine source of leadership. Personally, I would like to thank them for making my job not just easy, but ridiculously fun. Our exec meetings had the perfect balance of productivity and ‘gong show’, and I have loved every minute of working with them.

As for the incoming exec, judging by how organized they are and how much they have already done in the past two weeks, I have no doubt we’re in for another great group. Congratulations to both the out-going and in-coming student executives!

Tanya Boteju

See photos from the Blazer Exchange assembly on May 6, 2013.

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