Professional Liar Comes to York House

Author Richard Scrimger Visits YHS
Author Richard Scrimger Visits YHS

On the 12th of March, 2013, the Grade 6s and 7s were privileged to get a visit from Richard Scrimger, self-proclaimed “professional liar” – his way of saying an author who writes fiction.

He told us all about his “lies” and how he starts his “lies”, which are commonly known to us as books. He talked about his book called Ink Me in the “7” Series. The “7” Series is a series with seven books in it, each written by a different author. The seven grandsons must complete part of their grandfather’s will. It’s a really interesting series.

Richard Scrimger Visits Jr. SchoolMr. Scrimger also gave us a chance to vote on his upcoming half graphic novel/half chapter book. We voted between Uncle Viminy’s Comic Book and Turn the Page!!!!! The book is about two kids who fall into a comic book and try to get out. After getting out however, they realize along the way they’ve changed the story and it’s now a great big mess. They must go back in to change the story back to how it was and the only way to get back is to “turn the page.” Turn the Page!!!!! won the vote by a lot, so look for the book in the future.

A little more information on “glasses guy” (as he’s sometimes called): He was born in Montreal, Québec though he moved to Toronto, Ontario when he was two. Since 1996 he has published 14 books. Twelve of his books have been nominated for reader’s choice awards. One of his books (A Nose from Jupiter) also became a Canadian bestseller, and at one point he was right beyond Harry Potter on the Canadian book charts. It won a Mr. Christie Book Award which entitled him to a free box of Mr. Christie’s cookies and it was on most top 10 lists.

It was amazing getting to meet hm, and we hope we can meet more authors like him soon. Below are more quotes from some of my classmates:

I love his books! They’re amazing!
His advice was exquisite!
He has a great sense of humour!
I really enjoyed your visit, I used to be a Glasses Girl, too!
He’s a cool guy!

Grade 6H

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