We Love Lego in Gr. 2

We LOVE Lego in Grade 2!

After a few weeks of playing with Lego and taking our creations apart, it was time for a challenge. The girls in 2H have been working together to create a toy.

Each group of four girls came up with a group name. They then got to work on the planning and implementation of their creation.


Throughout this process, we are learning how to make a deal, how to compromise, how to enact a vision, how to communicate our thinking and how to work together.

Gr. 2 Lego

There have been a variety of associated items added to enhance the likeness of their product. This house has a table and chairs set, of course!

Gr. 2 Lego

The next step is to create a marketing strategy for their toy. They will present their toy to the class, tell us for which age group it is intended, and identify the problem-solving strategies they used throughout this process.

Gr. 2 Lego

Gr. 2 Lego

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