Tigers Win!

2013 Provincial Champions
2013 Provincial Champions

Our Swim Team headed off to the BC High School Provincial Girls Swimming Championship this Friday and Saturday ready to take on the competition.

The team had an amazing two days at Watermania in Richmond. The Tigers have won the title three years in a row, and had high hopes, though they had a smaller team than usual. Not to be outdone, they dug deep and brought home their 4th straight banner, much to the surprise of Coach Abt (he knew they were good, but…).


In a great show of Tigers support, Mr. Ruse brought along the entire volleyball team to support the swimmers. My favourite story of the weekend came from Ms. Harrigan: “I watched the girls swim some events this morning, and I was extremely impressed with their athleticism, skills, and most importantly, their team spirit. They were up on their feet and cheering for each York House competitor and very supportive of each other – even lending out a swimsuit to a teammate who forgot her racing suit. Now THAT’S being a true teammate.



  • 4×50 Medley Relay (Nicole T / Rachel J / Elizabeth S / Marissa M) 3rd BRONZE
  • 4×50 Medley Relay (Lauren / Esther / Jacqueline / Christine) 10th
  • 50 Back (Nicole) 7th
  • 4×100 Free Relay (Marissa / Nicole / Rachel / Elizabeth) 1st GOLD
  • 4×100 Free Relay (Emma / Alicia / Joanna / Constance) 14th
  • 4×100 Free Relay (Jacqueline / Esther / Christine / Lauren) 6th
  • 100 Breast (Esther) 18th
  • 100 Fly (Lauren) 14th
  • 100 IM (Elizabeth) 1st GOLD
  • 4×50 Free Relay (Marissa / Nicole / Rachel / Elizabeth) 2nd SILVER
  • 4×50 Free Relay (Jacqueline / Esther / Christine / Lauren) 5th

A special thank you to Mr. Abt for all of the time and energy he dedicates to our swimmers. He not only coaches, but he also organizes the tournament (as the Aquatics Commissioner for BC School Sports). He is clearly quite good at the coaching, and we all know how he is with organization. The Head Referee for the tournament made a special effort to contact the school and let us know how much his professionalism is appreciated.

Sam Johnston
Director of the Senior School

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