5th Annual All Girls Chess Tournament Results

All went very well on Sunday at the 5th YHS All Girls Chess Tournament.

Here are the results:

Group A – Grades 6+7

  1. Annika Zhou (YHS)
  2. Pepi (YHS)
  3. Maggie (YHS)

Group B – Grades 4+5

  1. Rachel  (South Meridian)
  2. Iris  (Vancouver Christian)
  3. Sabrina  (Pauline Johnson)

Medals: Jacqueline, Sofia and Olivia (YHS)

Group C – Grades 2 +3

  1. Shirley (Chartwell)
  2. Joyce (YHS)
  3. Anna (Vancouver Chess School)

Group D – Grade 1

  1. Veronica (YHS)
  2. Rayna  (Crofton)
  3. Olivia  (YHS)

Medals: Olivia and Maia ( YHS)

Thank you to Janet and Paula for all of their help. Also a big thank you to the three Student Ambassadors who were wonderful too – Kendra, Jasmine and Alice.

Gaby Eirew and her family were wonderful, providing the refreshments and all of the proceeds going to Cancer Research – $175. Panago supported this event by donating the pizzas!

Another successful chess season at YHS.

Christine Addison
Grade 6 Teacher and Junior Chess Sponsor

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