Math Challengers Compete at SFU

Our Math Challengers Team at SFU
Our Math Challengers Team at SFU

Our Math Challengers Team (Isabelle, Bridget, Jalisa, Melissa, Angel, Rainy, Kira and Emily) brought their Yorkie energy and enthusiasm to the SFU this weekend for the Regional Math Challengers competition. This tournament is an enriching competition for Grade 8s and 9s.

Our team competed in two individual and one group round on Saturday. They were placed in a competitive pool with the several schools in the Lower Mainland, and were unfortunately defeated.

On a brighter note, congratulations to Melissa who placed in the top 10 individual round and competed in the one-to-one buzz verbal competition (face-off round).

Overall, the girls would agree that the competition was a great experience for the team!

More Math News:

The results are in from the Canadian Senior (CSMC) and Intermediate (CIMC) Math contest written in November 2013.

Our very own Jalisa, Grade 9, who wrote the CIMC, ranked in the top 3% out of 6723 contestants across Canada and around the world! As for the CSMC, Jessica in Grade 12 ranked in the top 10% out of 7816 participants! Congratulations girls.

Viomen Chu
Sr. Math Teacher

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