Science Fair: Grade 6s Share their Discoveries

Grade 6 Science Fair
Grade 6 Science Fair. Click to view all the photos.

The Grade 6 Science Fair on March 11th was a day of celebration and the end of a long journey.

In November, the girls started to think about what interesting question they might like to investigate. Research proposals were written in December, and in January, the experimentation phase of the project began. Weeks later, after completing the analysis of the results, editing written work, and organizing the display poster, the girls were ready to share their discoveries with students, teachers and parents.

Science Fair projects develop many skills that can be applied to any subject or grade. There are always hurdles in any large project, and the Grade 6 girls are to be congratulated for their perseverance, and for promoting Science at York House School. Many thanks to the families for supporting their daughter during this journey.

Click here to view all the photos from the Science Fair.

Lela Ling
Jr. School Science Teacher

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