Gr. 7s Lend a Hand at the YWCA

In Grade 7, the girls participate in an in depth year-long service learning unit as a precursor to the Sr. School Service Learning program. Throughout the year they have been lending a hand at various YWCA organizations. In addition to the volunteer work that they do, the girls have been mentored by Ms. Emma McLagan, a teacher and current CBC reporter, to create video documentaries of their experience. The Grade 7 girls are responsible for planning, shooting, writing and editing their videos, which will be shown at a YHS-YWCA Service Learning Presentation Night on June 17th.

Here are some of the girls in action at CrabTree Corner, a resource centre that provides programs and services for women and their families. Saphren and Eliza played with the children in the child care centre (children are aged 6 weeks to six years old), while Stephanie and Allison prepped food in the community kitchen.

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