Destination Imagination: Global Finals

York House had two Grade 4 teams qualify for the Destination Imagination Global Finals in Knoxville, TN.

The team ‘Unstoppable Minds’ did the “Going to Extremes” challenge. This involved researching an extreme environment (they chose the Great Barrier Reef) and developing a presentation about surviving in this environment. Team members: Bianca, Chloe N., Janice, Lisa, Sabrina, Sofia and Sophie.

The ‘Nature Chipmunks’ team did the “Laugh Art Loud” challenge. The girls had to choose and research a piece of art and produce a 3-panel comic strip about it. The Chipmunks chose a painting named “Whistlejacket” by the English artist George Stubbs. Their performance was full of humour, and they also built a unique horse statue. Team members: Alicia, Annika, Chloe I., Kaari, Sarah, Vanessa and Zoe.

Watch the video of the girls at Global Finals, created by parent Kathryn Palumbo:

Learn more about Destination Imagination here.

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