“New” Pieces of YHS History in the Senior School


Portrait of Lena Cotsworth Clarke, Founder and First Head of School
Portrait of Lena Cotsworth Clarke, Founder and First Head of School.

If you’ve spent time in the Senior School since September, you may have noticed some exciting changes.

First, when you enter the School through the main doors and look to the right over the carved mantelpiece on the wall, you’re greeted by the oil portrait of our founding Head, Lena Cotsworth Clarke, painted by BC artist Nesta Bowen Horne. After being professionally cleaned and restored by a conservator and re-framed with a contemporary aesthetic, Mrs. Clarke is looking bolder and more impressive than ever!

Continuing up through the atrium stairs to the third floor, we now have an exciting Alumnae Gallery featuring works from the YHS Alumnae Art Collection and a brand new installation of graduation class photos beginning in our founding year of 1932. The full complement of grad photos will be up and ready for the official Alumnae Gallery unveiling event on Friday, November 28th. Photos of Board Chairs throughout the years will also be professionally re-framed and hung in the Board Room in time for this occasion.

At the south end of the third floor gallery, you’ll notice a brand new sign with brightly coloured roses directing you to the Alumnae and Advancement Department. Please feel free to follow the arrow and drop in to the offices to say hello anytime!

Additional historical material to watch for: an information plaque in the Senior School lobby providing details about the carved mantelpiece and Mrs. Clarke’s portrait, and a complete re-design of the old wooden Honour Roll boards that used to hang in the gym. Stay tuned to Facebook and the YHS website for more details and, of course, drop by the Alumnae Museum between Tuesday and Thursday to for a full YHS history experience!

Susannah Smith
YHS Archivist and Museum Curator

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