Gr. 9s at Pitt Lake

Our Grade 9’s reflect on their Outdoor Ed experience at Pitt Lake this past October. See all the photos from the trip here.

IMG_2895The Grade 9s went to Pitt Lake this year, with perfect weather and zero major injuries over the entire trip — mission accomplished! I was super stoked to go on a 4-day canoeing trip with 60 (give or take) awesome girls and some amazing guides/teachers. I wasn’t disappointed. The view was to die for and we got up close and personal with a couple waterfalls. I did things I probably never would have done on my own and I am so grateful to the people who dedicated a lot of time to plan the trip and to prepare us for it (thanks Mr. Britt). My favourite parts were swimming in water cold enough to put your body in a blissfully numb state in a minute as well as sleeping under a canoe which lead to sleeping under the stars. Now I can say that I’ve been woken up at 3 in the morning because the moon was so bright. These are memories that I will treasure forever, experiences that I’ll never forget. I would do it again in a heart beat… Can’t wait ‘till the next trip!

IMG_2844Eating smores and bannock, seeing only the light of the fire and hearing only the sound of the waves splashing on the rocks. This was what we experienced at camp this year. Pitt Lake created many great memories and was more than just a great photo-op for Instagram, or Twitter. It was a chance to bond with friends, build new relationships, and relax. Paddling for hours and climbing up waterfalls wouldn’t sound terribly enjoyable, but at camp it was. Swimming in the lake and sitting underneath the stars are the two things I loved the most. It didn’t even feel like we were on a school trip. The chants from our canoes, the tendency to feel like we always have to arrive back to the camp site first, and the jokes and endless laughter are also things we enjoyed. Our grade has always been close but I think we’re even closer since we’ve gotten back. Paddling for hours in a canoe is something I never thought I could do but I think that’s kind of the point of camp. To push past your comfort zone.

IMG_2878Pitt Lake was hard work. We were canoeing for what seemed like days on end, we were hiking down forests until every inch of our legs were aching and we were swimming which seemed more like polar dipping than anything else. However, it was all worth it when the class huddled up against the fire to fill our mouthes with marshmallows and chocolate. Pitt Lake was probably the most exhausting trip I’ve gone on yet, but at the end of the day, when we were surrounded by nothing but water and stars, the work you did during the day was very much worth it.

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