Caribou Math Contest: Gr. 10 Students Rank #1 and #2

On Wednesday, Nov. 12, Grade 10 students Melissa, Isabelle, Angel, Jalisa, Bridget, Christina, Emily, Michelle, Louise, Rainy and Sarah, Grade 9, participated in the second Caribou Math Contest of the year (there’s 6 in total) and once again, the girls competed very well among 890 contestants!

Congratulations to Melissa who ranked #1 in the province, 22nd in the country and 26th in the world! Another congratulations goes out to Isabelle for ranking 2nd in the province, 23rd in the country and 28th in the world! Kudos to all the girls who participated!

The Caribou Mathematics Competition is a world wide online contest. The goal of the competition is to “provide challenging math activities for interested grade 3-12 students, show that mathematical puzzles can be fun and that competing in math contests can be exciting and modern” [].

Voimen Chu
Sr. School Math Teacher

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