Head Lines: July 2015

Chantal Gionet, Head of School
Chantal Gionet, Head of School

This year has been remarkable in so many ways, from our girls’ accomplishments in academics, the arts and athletics to their contributions back to the community. A common theme that continues to resonate throughout is a deep understanding that we truly are “Not for Ourselves Alone”.

In my first year as Head of School, I have witnessed countless examples of girls who are passionate and empowered to embrace new challenges and make a difference at school and beyond. Yorkies are strong and confident young women who strive to be the best that they can be. It is their continuous desire to make a positive impact on society, explore new possibilities, and act on those possibilities that has inspired me.

I want to thank everyone from the students to the faculty, staff, parents, grandparents and alumnae for everything that they have done to welcome me to this community. It has been an exciting year of discovery where we have had many opportunities to explore new ideas and models of teaching and learning to prepare our girls for success in the future, such as project-based learning, integrative thinking and assessment practices to improve student learning. I am truly excited by what the future holds.

Over the next several months, we will be developing a roadmap for how to best prepare our graduates for 2030 and beyond, while remaining true to our history, values and traditions. Thank you to everyone in the community who shared their feedback with us this spring. Your voice is an invaluable part of capturing the shared values and principles of this community. We have much more work to do and look forward to keeping you informed along the way.

Congratulations to all our staff, students and faculty for an incredible year. Our graduates have been exemplary role models and leaders – we will miss their enthusiasm, sense of laughter, creativity and sense of pride in the school. We are so proud of our graduating class and wish them well as they begin their post-secondary studies.

I look forward to all of the possibilities in the coming school year. I feel privileged to be part of such a dynamic and warm community. A wonderful summer to all!


Chantal Gionet

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