Gr. 9’s Voyager Adventure on Pitt Lake

Grade 9s at Pitt Lake
Grade 9s at Pitt Lake

In early October, the Grade 9’s participated in a four-day canoe trip on Pitt Lake with Voyageur Adventures.

Gr9PittLake_Oct2015_lo-res-1692As the girls set out in their voyageur canoes, they really couldn’t have asked for better weather! They set out along the pristine Pitt Lake in five traditional voyageur canoes that accommodated 12-13 people. As they learned how to perfect their strokes, and work together in unison, the girls worked hard to paddle four hours to their beautiful campsite destination.

For the next three days, the girls enjoyed delicious hot meals and entertainment from our voyageur guides, and often ended the evenings around the campfire in spontaneous song, led by the very talented Stephanie on guitar.  

Gr9PittLake_Oct2015_lo-res-3348A highlight of the trip was the team building activities organized by the guides. The girls rotated through stations that taught them how to build shelter in the wilderness, how to read a compass and navigate a map, how to work as a team to solve a puzzle and how to build a fire. The girls also received a brief history lesson of the significance of the voyageurs to the development of Canada — a wonderful experiential way to learn a little bit of Social Studies in an outdoor classroom! The girls then got into their canoe teams and designed flags for their canoe names: Bear, Beaver, Spirit, Eagle and Wolf.

Gr9PittLake_Oct2015_lo-res-3148For the final evening, tent groups were paired to create a skit that encompassed everything they learned on the trip. It provided for a very entertaining evening, full of laughter and surprises!  Finally, it was time to leave. Although the weather proved challenging on the return, the girls dug deep and worked together to make their way home. For a few days, the girls were able to experience what it was like for a voyageur, to travel into the unknown, to enjoy the stunning scenery of our beautiful province, and the serenity of no wi-fi for three days! As they disembarked the canoes with achy muscles and sleepy eyes, there were many grins and new fond memories. “Voyageurs…salut!”   

Sonia Baldissera
Sr. School Teacher

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