Student Vote 2015

StudentVote_16Oct2015-36York House joined over 6,000 schools across the country in a student mock election. On Friday, October 16, students from Grade 5 to 12 were invited to cast their vote for our federal candidates as part of the national Student Vote.

Organized by non-profit group Civix, in partnership with Elections Canada, the purpose of  the Student Vote program is to “give young Canadians an opportunity to experience the voting process firsthand and build the habits of informed and engaged citizenship. By practicing the habits of informed and engaged citizenship at an early age, students will be more inclined and prepared to participate in our democracy when they graduate high school.”

The voting results were shared across the country and compared with the results of the Canada-wide election on October 19. There were 850,000 votes reported from over 6,000 schools, representing all 338 federal ridings. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, the student vote was a solid predictor of the actual results with students electing a Liberal majority government!

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