Tigers Athletics BBQ & Awards

June 8th was the annual Tigers Athletics Awards BBQ. Each student who played on a YHS team received a participation pin and coaches shared highlights about each team’s year, recognizing the Most Valuable Teammate for each team. It was a fun evening that celebrated our many talented athletes.

Most Valuable Teammate Award
Criteria: in the opinion of their coach(es) demonstrates the character, leadership, and skills that contribute to team success that qualifies them as the most valuable teammate. You may consider this as an MVP award, but often a team may have an individual who is not the most skilled player, the “all-star”, or top point scorer, but whose leadership and character, combined with their ability is the most valuable individual to the team.

Gr. 8 Volleyball Team: Maggie
Jr. Volleyball Team: Hanna
Sr. Volleyball Team: Alex
Swim Team: Fraser
Cross-Country Team: Emily
J.V. Field Hockey Team: Sydney
Varsity Field Hockey Team: Lucy
Gr. 8 Basketball Team: Maggie
Jr. Basketball Team: Justine
Sr. Basketball Team: Brianna
Ski & Snowboard Team: Meg
Jr. Soccer Team: Rachel
Sr. Soccer Team: Alexi
Jr. A Ultimate Team: Hannah
Jr. B. Ultimate Team: Yvonne
Jr. C Ultimate Team: Justyna
Sr. A Ultimate Team: Camryn
Sr. B Ultimate Team: Elizabeth
Badminton Team: Ariana
Track & Field Team: Hanna

Official of the Year: Anika

Grade Athlete of the Year Award
Criteria: One per grade. For outstanding participation, achievement in and overall commitment to Athletics (emphasis on participation).
Grade 8: Akash
Grade 9: Isobel
Grade 10: Aley
Grade 11: Sophia
Grade 12: Aria

Tigers Outstanding Performance Award: Swim Team for their 2015-16 BC High School provincial Championship.
Criteria: For an outstanding single performance by an athlete or team at a highly competitive, championship level event (individual student athlete or team Grade 8-10).

Jr. Athlete of the Year: Meg
Criteria: For outstanding achievement, participation in and commitment to Athletics (Grade 8-10). Emphasis on achievement.

Sr. Athlete of the Year: Elise
Criteria: For outstanding achievement, participation in and commitment to Athletics (Grade 11-12). Emphasis on achievement.


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