Four International Exchange Students Visit YHS

exchangestudents_nov2016-0668In early October, India Whitton and Lilly Smith joined us from Seymour College in Adelaide, Australia. Noemi Jester and Alice Fenton joined us from King Edward School for Girls in Birmingham, England. They spent one month in our midst, plugged into life at YHS and British Columbia, and touched the lives of many at YHS in so many positive ways.

exchangestudents_nov2016-0661One of our priorities at YHS is to personalize and to deepen students’ learning and connection through the experience of international exchange. Highlights for India, Lilly, Noemi, and Alice included the exploration of Vancouver, Tofino, and Whistler; Thanksgiving and Halloween festivities with their host families; volunteering in Junior School classes; weekly International Exchange lunch gatherings; learning across the disciplines; an excursion to Victoria with the Field Hockey team; a Science field excursion; and a leadership opportunity at the Grade 5 Outdoor Education camp. Many thanks to Grade 10 students Kathryn, Matteya, Fiona, Lucy, and their families who opened up their lives to these young women and facilitated their exploration of British Columbia. Thank you, also, to the many York House school educators and coaches in the Junior and Senior Schools who generously included these students in a wide variety of unique classroom activities.

internationalexchangeIn January, two students from Cuernevaca, Mexico will join us at YHS. In March and July of 2017, Tess and Adele, Gr. 9, and Matteya, Gr. 10, will visit Adelaide. Jacqueline, Gr. 9, and AJ will visit Cuernevaca, Mexico, and Gr. 10 students Lucy and Fiona will visit Birmingham, England. They will share their experiences and learning with the YHS community through a school assembly and through the blog upon their return.

International Exchange opportunities are open to students in Grade 9 and 10. Currently we offer six places for students with partner schools, and we intend to increase these offerings because there is such interest among our student body. In February, students will learn of these opportunities for the 2017-18 school year. In April, they will hear from their classmates about their exchange experiences in assembly. At that time, we will host student and parent information sessions and invite applications for placements for the following year. Participating students host a visiting student for one month, and then participate in the life of the partner school and family for one month that coincides with the YHS two week spring break. For more information, please contact Kara McDonald, Global Programs Coordinator at [email protected].

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