YHS Commemorates Remembrance Day

remembranceday_nov2016-0805The Junior School held a poignant Remembrance Day Assembly on Thursday, November 10. The assembly opened with the reciting of the poem “Flanders Fields”.

Emmet, Gr. 6, read a powerful poem about a Syrian refugee fighting for their survival and leaving their home country. The Grade 4s sang a “Syrian Lullaby”, and students spoke on what peace means to them.

The Grade 3-6 Choir then performed “Where We Can Find Peace”, and the assembly concluded with the “Last Post”.

remembranceday_nov2016-0753The Senior School Remembrance Day Assembly held on Tuesday, November 8, featured readings, poems and performances. The assembly was hosted by Gr. 11 students Miranda and Jasmine.

Mr. Al Sahed, Resettlement Councillor, and former refugee, shared his first-hand experience of his journey from Syria, to Lebanon, and finally to Canada, and shed some light on the on the detrimental long term effects of violence and instability in a country.

remembranceday_nov2016-0759Chorista performed “After the War”, a song sung by Sarah Slean for the film Passchendaele. Miranda introduced the song: “…it evokes sentiments of the eternal love families will hold for their loved ones while juxtaposing the everlasting horrors that will forever haunt soldiers long after their time of suffering of pain.”

Chorista and Ragazza then joined together to perform “Remember” by Christina Rossetti. Jasmine introduced the song by telling us that “the piece not only enhances the feelings of regret in living a short life, but also provokes feelings of sorrow and loss.”

The assembly concluded with a moment of silence led by Fiona, Gr. 12, on the trumpet, and these final words from Miranda: “For many people, the war was their life, affecting them in every aspect. They could not limit their experience to one day, and neither should we. Although we cannot truly understand the horrors these soldiers must have endured, we can honor them by paying and simply being appreciative for their sacrifice.”

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