VMUN 2017


Fifty-seven Yorkies participated in VMUN, one of the largest contingents at the conference this year (second to St. George’s). VMUNVancouver Model United Nations, is the largest high-school-run Model United Nations conference in Canada. A total of 1,200 students from Canada, US, and other countries gathered together for three days (Jan 20-22) at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Vancouver.

The purpose of VMUN is to try to find solutions for international issues by researching causes/solutions, representing a country on a committee, and negotiating a solution which most nations in the committee would be willing to agree to.

Isabelle, Gr. 12, was on the Secretariat this year, which means she helped organize the conference. Two other Yorkies chaired committees, one acted as the official photographer, and the rest were delegates on committees ranging from beginner to advanced, and historical crisis simulations. Two of our students won awards for research and negotiating.

The conference delegates participated in committees, speeches, caucusing, and drafting resolutions. Also, there was a midnight crisis, which is a diplomatic crisis (e.g. act of war), which has to be resolved before delegates can go back to bed! Students were also invited to attend a social/dance on the Saturday evening.

Participants meet students from other schools/countries and within a short time are developing bloc positions, and are wheeling and dealing support for resolutions. Generally, students have a great time, while also learning a great deal about world issues and international relations. They discover they have speaking and negotiating skills they never knew.

Watch the closing video from VMUN, and see the photos below.