An Update on a Student Gap Year: Chantel Neubert ‘16

As part of her English 12 independent project, Chantel Neubert ’16 explored the pressure students experience about attending university immediately after high school, and decided to explore additional options.

Deferring her university acceptances for a year, Chantel chose to take a gap year instead, and provided us with a wonderful ‘snapshot’ of her adventures this year!

In her correspondence with me, Chantel expressed excitement and appreciation for the opportunities she’s experienced. She pointed to the importance of fostering family relationships, learning new skills (like cooking from scratch!), putting oneself in uncomfortable and new situations, and staying connected with old friends while making new ones. A few quotes from her:

“I am doing amazing! I am taking a gap year and it is definitely the best decision I could have ever made! I have travelled around Europe and have seen so many new places, cultures and have met so many new people. As well, taking a break has given me a new perspective on university and studying and the fact that there is more to life than just school. I hope that with what I have learned this year when I go to university in September (which I am – I have decided to go to Ryerson for business!) that I will keep those things in mind and take the time to live and experience a great deal of new things, not just school.”

“[Meeting with alumna Laura Fonda ’14] showed me that Yorkies are connected for life. I never really talked to Laura at YHS but we had a great time together in Brussels. It’s important for us to stick together as Yorkies and to reach out to each other, even if we weren’t necessarily in the same grade.”

“Working taught me a lot about what kind of jobs I like and what kind of work environments are important to me. Working is such a great way to learn about yourself!” It also “showed me first hand what works/doesn’t work for a team and also for myself!”

“I lived alone for three months and it taught me to provide and take care of myself as well.”

“I thought, I am doing a gap year to push myself and try new things so why not do something insane! [Skydiving] was a great experience and taught me a lot about myself and it was just super cool.”

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Tanya Boteju
Senior School English Teacher