Senior Tigers Update: December 6, 2018


On Saturday evening, our Senior Volleyball Team played in the ‘AA’ Provincial Championship final game. A first championship final game for YHS. While we lost to a very good Pacific Academy team, our Tigers won silver medals at the BC Championships — a best-ever result for YHS Volleyball! Congrats to Emily T, Akash G and Hanna K all recognized as all-stars. Thank you to all the students and staff who came to support the team! 

Senior Volleyball wins silver at ‘AA’ Provincial Championship

That game brought to an end, a very busy and successful fall athletics season. What a great season for Tigers Athletics! Thank you to all minor officials and fans!

Congratulations to all student-athletes and coaches in all our fall sports: Volleyball, Cross-Country, Swimming and Field Hockey.

Special congratulations and thank you to all those student-athletes who demonstrated full commitment and effort to their teams. The season is about the team. Team goals and team success take priority. The off-season is the time where individual sport development takes priority. Our coaching staff manage the needs of an entire team and not any one individual.

Success, like anything worthwhile, has a price. That price is hard work and commitment.

Competitive athletics is not about entitlement. No one is entitled to success, a position on the court or field, or equal playing time in games. Competitive student-athletes earn the right to be on a team and to wear the uniform. They earn playing the positions they want, the playing time they get, and to enjoy the success they experience. Never assume you are working harder than others or feel you deserve something more than a teammate.

Thank you to all Senior School staff for your support of our student-athletes. They miss class for games and tournaments. Please continue to support these girls as they learn and develop important life skills through their competitive experiences.


  • Grade 8 Volleyball: Mr. A Bester, Sarah Promislow ’11, Lauren Van Vliet
  • Junior Volleyball: Mike Lodewyks, Brianne Wager
  • Junior B Volleyball: Jenna Quong ’13, Danielle Tognetti ’13, Dr. A. Lesk
  • Senior Volleyball: Mike Lodewyks, Jackson Liu, Brianne Wager
  • Junior Field Hockey: Matt Sarmento
  • Senior Field Hockey: John Smythe
  • Varsity Field Hockey: Ms. K Atkinson, Mr C. Cropley
  • Swim Team: Christine Lee ’16, Ms C. Carlberg-Nangle
  • Cross-Country Team: Ms. McInnis, Ms. Chang, Jacob Emerson

THANK YOU to Mr. Cropley, Ms. Keating, Ms. Baldissera, Ms. Boteju, and Ms. Matthews for stepping in an helping with road trips or coaching when needed.

THANK YOU to Paul, Stan, and Roman for all the driving you do and to our charter bus companies for all the safe transportation provided.

THANK YOU to parents who do so much work behind the scenes to support your daughter and come out to watch and cheer on the entire team. No athletic experience is perfect. It is these imperfections that make the experience worthwhile and teaches student-athletes how to deal with success, failure, and challenges on and off the competitive field of play.