Not for Ourselves Alone: Volunteer Fest & Fundraising Fest

We have had a full second term at YHS and our students have really been embodying our motto, ”Not for Ourselves Alone.”

In response to high levels of student interest to volunteer in our YHS community and beyond, we hosted a student-run volunteer fest on January 30 in the Senior School. The Volunteer Fest took place over the lunch hour in the front foyer with student-facilitated tables and posters raising awareness about issues, organizations, and volunteer opportunities for students.

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We have so many requests for books, shoe, jean, sock, drives, and other wonderful fundraising initiatives. We simply cannot accommodate all of the requests that we receive. In the spirit of ‘yes’ and supporting students’ initiatives, we coordinated a one-day blitz called Fundraising Fest on February 26. Students were invited to submit a proposal to the Community Service Team that outlined the social initiative or organization for which they wish to raise awareness and support with funds or alternatives. During Fundraising Fest students spoke passionately about organizations they are involved in; raised awareness of these organizations, and promoted how to contribute to these fabulous causes.

Thank you to Anika and Lucy, our Community Service Captains for facilitating these events!

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