Student Elections

Congratulations to all our candidates for a very impressive election run, and to our newly elected Student Executive for the 2019-2020 year! I was truly impressed by how much the candidates supported each other through an election process that is a rigorous one. Requirements include a formal application, election posters, campaign videos, an interview with an administrator, a Q&A at the Forum Assembly, and a Meet-and-Greet.

The new Student Executive officially took over their roles on at the Blazer Exchange assembly in May, but served out the rest of the year alongside our outgoing student executive.

The 2019-20 Student Executive are:

  • Head Girl – Olivia
  • Vice-Head Girl – Annie
  • Community Service Captain #1 – Dana
  • Community Service Captain #2 – Chloe G.
  • Blue Whales Captain – Chloe B.
  • Red Hippos Captain – Aiyana
  • Green Elephants Captain – Emily
  • Yellow Lions Captain – Victoria
  • Class Presidents – Audrey, Carmel, Margarita, Tiana

Read about the Blazer Exchange assembly here.

Tanya Boteju
Faculty Advisor – Student Executive
Senior English Teacher