Mentorship & Career Success: Capstone Workshop with Salima Remtulla ‘00

Salima Remtulla ’00

As part of the mentorship component of the Capstone project, alumna Salima Remtulla ‘00 returned to York House last Friday, December 13th and presented a workshop on mentorship. 

A 40 under 40 Business in Vancouver 2018 winner and the vice president, operations & corporate strategy at Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel, Salima shared both her personal and professional experiences of being both a mentor and a mentee. She also provided advice and helpful tips to students on approaching a potential mentor along with how to build and foster the mentor/mentee relationship with tips on how to make it a successful one. 

She also shared her insights about the Capstone project and how this was a valuable opportunity to learn and practice essential life skills including networking, public speaking, and resiliency. Jaclyn Murray, Capstone Coordinator afterwards commented, that “It was incredibly beneficial to have Salima join us; she was much appreciated by both myself and the students; Having the opportunity to hear from a Yorkie is always an incredible experience for our students.”