Celebrating Community Service at YHS

It is time to celebrate Community Service at YHS! In 2019-2020, students and teachers across the Little, Junior, and Senior schools engaged in inspiring Community Service initiatives. 

At YHS, we are committed to building strong and socially just communities together. A key goal of Community Service at YHS is to cultivate students’ understanding and action on issues that matter. As a school – a place of learning – we encourage students to connect with people of diverse backgrounds and experiences and to deepen their understanding of the root causes of issues such as racism, migration, and environmental sustainability through hands-on experience and civic engagement.

Students are inspiring! Through Community Service initiatives, students take on active roles as learners and contributors. They ask questions. They listen. They participate in the development of initiatives and partnerships that support human rights and the dignity and agency of all involved. They learn through experience and purposeful reflection. They take a kernel of an idea and take action with coaching, leadership training, and opportunities for networking and mentorship. They learn to lead teams of students who volunteer in the community and in small and larger ways take steps to shaping a just, equitable and sustainable world.