Senior Tigers Update: January 13, 2022

New rules have been introduced for athletics as a result of the surge in COVID-19 cases in BC. All rules and regulations around school athletics are set by the ministries of Health, Education, and by BC School Sports.


  • Team practices and training can continue as usual. This includes basketball and our cross-country/track & field training sessions. Some extra safety precautions are in place. 
  • Basketball tournaments (events with three or more teams) have been cancelled for the month of January. 
  • We are hopeful that our Senior Basketball 26th Street Tournament, scheduled for Feb 4-5 at YHS, will be able to take place but we will keep you informed.
  • Junior Basketball ISAs have been cancelled but we are hopeful that they may get rescheduled for February.
  • Scheduled basketball league games will continue as scheduled (limited to two teams).
  • Scheduled meets for our Ski & Snowboard Team can continue with safety precautions that minimize risk (fewer schools, physical distancing, etc)
  • No spectators are allowed at indoor venues. All schools are not allowed to accommodate spectators but we will do what we can to livestream games.

Our YHS Athletics online calendar has been updated.