Fundraising Fest 2022

On February 28th, the YHS Community Service team ran the annual Fundraising Fest! The Fundraising Fest is an opportunity for students to showcase organizations and charities that represent causes in line with the core values of our school community, to give a chance to the student body to get involved with service projects, and giving back to those around us. Fundraising Fest is a great way to open up connections to community service opportunities for students where they may not have otherwise gotten the chance to do so. We had six different organizations represented at this year’s Fundraising Fest, ranging from humanitarian relief in Ukraine to mental health support locally in Vancouver. Here is a list of the organizations represented at last week’s fest, and links to get in contact with them if anyone is further interested in showing their support. 

Ruby, Grade 11: Backpack Buddies, 

Sayde & Kasey, Grade 12: Kids Help Phone, 

Jaclyn & Jane, Grade 11: Adam’s Apple Foundation, 

Jessica & Hailey, Grade 8: BCSPCA, 

Monique, Grade 12: Reach For Outer Space, 

Bianca, Grace 10: UN Ukraine Humanitarian Fund,