Employee Long Service Awards 2022

This year we honoured three teachers in the Senior School for their years of dedication to York House School: Alek Bester, Dawn Haylett, and Clint Robertson.

Alek Bester, Senior School PHE Teacher: 30 Years of Service
Alek Bester “Mr. B”, Senior School PHE Teacher, was recognized for his 30 years of service. He was the first male PHE teacher at YHS and, in his 30 years at YHS, he has made a tremendous contribution to the athletic development of so many Yorkies through both his teaching and his coaching. 

When students were asked to describe Mr. B, they shared the following words, “Kind, happy, caring, wise, supportive, energetic, and dedicated”. He has always encouraged students over the years to stay focused, believe in themselves, and remember that they are “smart cookies”. Mr. Bester has a heart of gold. 

Mr. B is the type of teacher that will always make others feel welcome. Many teachers have benefited from his mentorship and guidance. Throughout these years you have shown yourself to be a reflective, caring and dedicated teacher who continually seeks to be current. Your work in supporting students through the science of happiness has enabled many students to develop positive habits of mind and to instill in them an attitude of gratitude. 

Mr. Bester, we wish to thank you for your 30 years of outstanding service to the school. We are truly grateful for you.

Dawn Haylett, Music Teacher: 16 Years of Service
Ms. Haylett, who will be retiring at the end of this school year, has led Music and Band across the grades at YHS for 16 years. As an educator, she is passionate about students and about music. Whether she was teaching improv or music, Ms. Haylett’s focus has always been on creating more learning opportunities for developing and exploring the creative process. 

Through daily classes, hallway chats, musicals, ensembles, drama productions, music festivals, excursions around the world, and countless Celebrations of Community, she has met people where they are and inspired us to reach for what might be meaningful for our community.  

Flute players, bass players, and trumpet players shared: “Thank you for being an amazing teacher and you have taught us so much about music that we will never forget.”

Ms. Haylett has sparked joy, learning, and experimentation with people young and old through music, drama, theatre, and performance. 

On behalf of our community, we thank you. We wish you all the best for a well-deserved retirement! We expect and hope you’ll join in making music and community in the days, months, and years ahead.

Clint Robertson, Senior School Art Teacher: 21 Years of Service:
Senior School Art Teacher, Clint Robertson, was recognized this year for 21 years of service at York House School. Mr. Rob, as he is affectionately known, has done much to support the development of our many young artists at YHS, including working with students on their portfolios and ensuring that student work is beautifully displayed throughout the school. Prior to the pandemic he has run Art Week at the school in cooperation with other ISABC schools, has been the district coordinator for Fine Arts, led art trips to New York, and participated in many Outdoor Education activities. Even during the pandemic, Mr. Rob remained committed to ensuring that student artwork was displayed throughout the Underground Gallery. Thank you Mr. Rob for your passion for the arts and for helping our Yorkies develop their creative self-expression.