Pride Month at YHS

York House celebrated Pride this month! Our focus throughout June has been to strengthen inclusivity, acceptance, celebration, and a sense of belonging for people of diverse gender and sexual identities, with activities that uphold our school values of respect and empathy.

In advance of Pride month, the Junior School SOGI Club worked with the Senior School GSA and our Communications Department to develop a logo for Pride Month. All agreed that the logo needed to be as inclusive as possible, with the incorporation of a progressive Pride flag, while also being personal and representative of our amazing community. 

For the month itself, our Senior GSA organized activities and resources to help learn and celebrate, including book suggestions, rainbow treats, Pride trivia, and a screening of the documentary “Disclosure“.

Students were invited to wear their brightest colours for our Senior School assembly, where our new YHS Pride logo was introduced. Students were also encouraged to bring $2 for, a non-profit organization based in Vancouver that works to improve queer, trans, and Two-Spirit lives. An Alum Pride Panel featuring 10 YHS Alums was held after school on June 6. 

Junior students participated in Pride-themed button-making. There was also a “Come As You Are Day” where students wore clothing they felt was comfortable and reflected their personality. For “Rainbow Day”, students made chalk drawings at Recess and each grade wore a different colour to make an all-school rainbow. There were also various age-appropriate in-class activities as well as a fantastic assembly where we revealed the new York House School Pride logos to our Junior School students.