Students Raise Awareness About Local & Global Issues at Fundraising Fest

Fundraising Fest is an annual student-run event designed to raise awareness about various local and global issues and to help raise funds. Students can choose to set up a booth for an organization of their choice or they can simply learn more about the different organizations present and choose to make a small cash donation. 

This year’s Fundraising Fest on February 15 was a huge success with students from Grades 6-12 participating in hosting booths for a variety of organizations both Vancouver based, such as Backpack Buddies and Adam’s Apple Foundation, and Canada-wide, such as Black Lives Matter Canada and the Canada Caring Community Alliance. There was a real buzz of excitement in the air, with students visiting the 22 different booths in order to deepen their understanding of local and global issues. 

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and donated during our Fundraising Fest, and a special thank you to all students who hosted a booth. So far, we have counted over $1300 in donations for various organizations (and that only accounts for half of the tables that participated)!

Thank you to our TAG and TAG teachers for the beautiful, informative posters they created. After much consideration, the Community Service Team has decided to donate $50 to the Native Women Association of Canada (Ms. Tulloch’s TAG). See the poster below. Thank you all for your participation and support! 

The Community Service Team and Ms. Lizzie Gregory, Coordinator of Community Partnerships and Programs