International Peace Day: A Path Toward Peace

International Peace Day
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On September 21, International Peace Day is celebrated all over the world – even at York House! When senior students entered the school that morning, they were stamped with peace signs and were able to read messages of peace throughout the school. Students also created ‘peace chalk art’ outside at lunch and watched Peacing it Together – a film that showcases the power of Palestinians, Israelis and Canadians working together in their quest for peace.

In their lessons for that day, some of the junior students discussed their personal commitment to peace and added their footprint to the peace pathway that leads to the “peace wall” in the front foyer of the school.

The students discussed how they could work at peace on a daily basis, such as creating an atmosphere in their classroom and school community were they can get along and work harmoniously:

“I will invite others to play.”
“I will say please and thank you.”
“I will encourage my friends.”
“I will listen when others speak to me.”
“I will ask others if they need my help.”
“I will do my chores.”
“I will share and take turns.”
“I will use a kind, friendly voice when I speak to others.”
“I will think before speaking and acting.”
“I will talk things over when I am in a conflict.”

“It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.” –  Eleanor Roosevelt

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