A Week in the Junior School…

Terry Fox Run

Despite the downpour the girls were able to get out for the Terry Fox Run on the afternoon of Friday, September 24. The girls raised $1,500 for this worthwhile cause.

Grade 5’s created crests inspired by Terry’s life:

Gr. 5 Terry Fox Crests

Grade 3’s are Rockin’ into the New School Year

Teacher Nicole Sobieski created this wonderful poster to welcome her Grade 3’s:

Grade 3 Potato Harvest
Click on the image for photo gallery

Grade 3 Potato Harvest
From Lela Ling, Grade 3 Teacher

In the spring of 2010, Grades 2H and 2Y planted potatoes in the Jr. schoolyard garden. It was very exciting for the girls to watch their plants sprout and grow. A few times before the end of the year, the girls ‘hilled’ their potatoes knowing this would help to produce the yield of potatoes. However, the thought of not being able to harvest their crop until they were in Grade 3 seem like a very long wait. However, September arrived and now as new Grade 3 girls they were anxious to see what was waiting under the earth.

As the first potatoes were unearthed and their patience was rewarded, it became not simply a harvest, but a dig for hidden treasure. The girls decided that each would take home only one potato and donate the rest to the school cafeteria. Cecil, our chool chef, was happy to accept the potatoes and to serve them in a dish for the school to enjoy.

The Grade 3 girls learned a little about the joys of gardening and a lot about our school motto, ‘Not for Ourselves Alone’.

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