Tigers finish fourth at the WPGA Invitational U13 Tournament

Tournament Update: Grade 6-7 Soccer

The Tigers had a strong first day going undefeated in three (vs. St John’s, WPGA, GNS), before getting thumped by an excellent Collingwood team, and giving up one goal in a nail-biter vs. SMU to close out the day. As a result, we faced SMU in a rematch for 3rd place.

The Tigers closed off the tournament finishing fourth, after tough competition vs. SMU. The players are learning to spot the need for different roles that are required across the field, and to apply soccer strategies that combine the roles into the more complex teamwork of 11 a-side soccer.

Thanks to all of you for enabling us to participate in the tournament, and to our team supporters who cheered on the team throughout the day – especially Chamkaur, who definitely wins Booster-of-the-Day Award!

Scott Robertson

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