Tigers in the HSBC Championship Final

HSBC Championship Final 2010
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The Sr. Tigers found themselves in the Championship Game of the 2010 HSBC Tournament Saturday night at 5:30 vs AAA#2 Riverside. Riverside was on fire – shooting 7/9 from the 3pt line in the first quarter. While the Tigers stayed within 10-12 points for the first half, they just coudn’t get the momentum going. A good loss to learn from. It was amazing to see all the number of alum and former parents out to watch and cheer us on!

To make it to the final game, the Tigers defeated AAA#8 Centennial 89-72 in the semi finals. They also previously defeated a very good Britannia team 70-51 to reach the Final 4 in the HSBC tournament on December 8.

Here’s from photos from the game against the Britannia Bruins, taken by student photographer Emily, Gr.11:

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