Winter Concert Highlights

Music Highlights from Senior Ensemble Night

Ragazza at the Senior Ensemble NightOur senior musicians treated us to two wonderful evenings of music in November. There was an eclectic mix of pieces, both classical and contemporary. All our ensembles had a chance to showcase, including select soloists.

Here are are some highlights from the performance on Wednesday, November 24:

Senior Strings Ensemble: Pachelbel Canon

Senior Strings Ensemble: Ode to Joy (Beethoven)

Katie, Gr. 12: There are Worse Things I Could Do (from “Grease”)

Elizabeth, Gr. 7: Nocturne in E Minor (Chopin)

Ragazza: Sunday

Ragazza: This Little Light of Mine

Senior Concert Choir: Hold Me Rock Me

Bambina: Bye Bye Blackbird

Senior Jazz Band: Check Your Swing

Senior Jazz Band: Hit the Bricks

Senior Concert Band: Mexican Folk Song Fantasy

Senior Concert Band: Symphony#1 – In Memoriam Dresden 1945

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