The Cat’s Meow! 2011 Recitation Final

Cat's Meow Recitation Final
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The annual school-wide recitation competition wrapped up on February 2nd in the Odette Tognetti Theatre. Seventeen girls in Grades 8-12 progressed through class and grade rounds to make it to this final and all should be commended for their impressive presentations: In Grade 8 – Alannah, Georgia, Fiona, and Ally. In Grade 9 – Jasmyne, Breeshey, and Artemis. In Grade 10 – Amy, Rachel, Keira, Amabel. In Grade 11 – Amanda, Hannah, and Kylie. And in Grade 12 – Rebecca, Rachael, and Abby.

Winners were chosen by three esteemed judges–Simi Sara, Alexis Cloutier, and Gaby Eirew. Congratulations to the following award winners:

Junior Category:

1st Place – Artemis, Grade 9
2nd Place – Fiona, Grade 8
3rd Place – Alannah, Grade 8

Senior Category:

1st Place – Amanda, Grade 11
2nd Place – Rebecca, Grade 12
3rd Place – Rachel, Grade 10

People’s Choice Award:

Rachel, Grade 12
Kylie, Grade 11

Best Overall Recitation:

Rachel, Grade 12

Special thanks to all teachers, administration, judges, and students who helped to make this recitation tournament a great success! Extra special thanks to my wonderful DPS Heads–Julie, Ariana, and Hannah–who helped make the evening even more wonderful by coming up with a great new name, “The Cat’s Meow”, and for just being all around superstars! And congratulations to ALL YHS Tigers who challenged themselves to speak up! Amazing job everyone!

Photos by: Emily, Student Photographer

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