Sr. Girls Place 1st in Chemistry @ Kwantlen Science Challenge

Kwantlen Science Challenge
Kwantlen Science Challenge

On Saturday November 26th, seven girls from  Grades 11 and 12 (Ashley W., Erin D., Julie W., Jennifer, Kaitlyn M., Poljanka J. and Tiffany C.) spent the day competing at the Kwantlen Science Challenge in Richmond.

The competition consisted of five events: Jeopardy, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and the Design Challenge, for which the girls, along with Gabby D., Kayla L., and Kimmy S., worked beforehand to construct a pop bottle car propelled by water and air pressure.

Every event was stimulating and challenging, and all in all everyone had a great day full of fun and laughter and intelligence. Way to go Yorkies! Our final results were well deserved, with York House placing 5th overall as well as an impressive first place finish in the Chemistry event. Woohoo! Keep up the good work!

Ashley W.
Grade 12

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