‘Starts With One’ Still Going Strong

Starts With One UpdateAs we mentioned back in February, seven Gr. 7 girls started their own Free the Children Youth Action Group called “Starts With One”. The girls are raising funds for a village in Kenya. Here’s a fundraising update from Bridget:

Starts With One has had a wonderful fundraising season; we have raised $3245.43 exactly. From November throughout June, we have hosted 3 large fundraisers – a Christmas fundraiser at the school’s Holiday Market (December), A Valentines Day fundraiser at Arbutus, Oakridge, and Richmond Center (February), and a spring fundraiser at the malls once again in April.

Our Logo: Stars With OneWe sold chocolates, wristbands, key chains, and assorted donated merchandise we went into the community to ask for. We have also babysat at friends and family’s homes and did other miscellaneous errands (leaf raking, cleaning, etc.) for supplementary funds. In addition, SWO has made presentations throughout the school to raise awareness, has participated in the Vow of Silence, and had representatives at the FTC Youth Summit.

We have plans for the summer for car washes and more mall fundraisers, so look for us!

Bridget C.



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