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Grad 2012
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On Thursday, June 7th, the class of 2012 crossed the stage and accepted their graduation certificates. The first portion of the afternoon included a prize-giving ceremony. Congratulations to the following award recipients:

House Trophy: Algonquin (accepted by House Captain Claudia B.).
Senior Spirit Trophy: Shira D. (awarded to a student who shows wholehearted participation in the life of the school, energy and enthusiasm).
Grade 12 Athletes of the Year: Helen T. and Alisha R. (participation, achievement and overall commitment to Athletics).
Senior Athlete of 2011-2012: Mira D. (outstanding participation, achievement and overall commitment to Athletics).
Becky Willis Trophy: Cherub L. and Janelle Y. (sportsmanship, leading by example, generous spirit on and off the field).
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards: Anatolia A., Rebecca D. and Ashley W.
Grade 12 Citizenship Awards: Amanda L. (recognizes those qualities implicit in the school’s motto – “Not for Ourselves Alone”).
Parents Association Trophy for Citizenship: Azzra M. (voted on by graduating class).
Tognetti Family Student Initiative Award: Julie W., for her involvement with Shad Valley (recognizes student who has demonstrated significant and outstanding initiative, either in or out of school in raising awareness to support a case).
U of T Book Prize: Julie W.
Caldwell Pursuit of a Dream Award: Alisha R. (given to a student who in her years at YHS, has discovered a passion, has made it her goal, and is poised to pursue her dream with confidence).
New Canadian Graduate Excellence Award: Gabby D. (given to a student who entered YHS from a non-English speaking country and has excelled in academics and citizenship while at YHS).
Sheila Nelles Book Award: Ariana S. (given to Head Girl).
Grade 12 English Book Prize: Elvina T., and Emily B. (recipient is recognized as a true scholar in the field).

Cap Throw - Grad 2012 Ceremony
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English Rhetoric Prize: Mira M. (awarded to a student who has consistently displayed excellence in the development of written argument throughout her Grade 12 year).
Liu-Fei Family Award for Excellence in English Literature: Ashley W. (student who has consistently displayed excellence in the development of literary analysis throughout the Grade 12 year in English).
Joan Ritchie Creighton Memorial Award: Mira M. (academic excellence in Advanced Placement Literature and Composition).
Math 12 Prize: Elvina T.
Math 12 Accelerated Prize: Julie W.
Calculus 12 Prize: Mira D. and Sally G.
Advanced Placement Calculus Prize: Kimberly C.
History 12 Prize: Shira D.
AP Comparative Government Prize: Shira D.
Geography 12 Prize: Preety N.
Law 12 Prize: Elizabeth E.
AP MacroEconomics Prize: Kimberly C.
AP European History Prize: Emily B.
International Studies 11/12 (Model United Nations) Prize: Azzra M., Kylie W. and Julie W.

Grads of 2012
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Chemistry 12 Prize: Kimberly C.
Physics 12 Award: Elvina T. and Kaitlyn M.
AP Physics Prize: Jennifer U.
AP Chemistry Prize: Jennifer U.
AP Biology Prize: Azzra M.
Walford Family Award for Passion in Science: Ashley W.
National Biology Scholar of Distinction: Wendy C.
Science Council of BC Award: Julie W. (student who excels in more than one science).
Most Improved Artist: Jennifer U.
Art 12 Prize: Gabby D.
Outstanding Musician of the Year (Gr. 12): Julia C.
Textiles 12 Prize: Janelle Y.
Film 11/12 Prize: Emily B.
Guest Family Award for Excellence in Journalism: Elizabeth E.
Yearbook Award: Amanda L. and Emily Y.
Board of Governors’ Award: Kristina L. (recognizes student who has shown outstanding excellence in both academics and citizenship).

After the presentation of the graduation certificates, and a yellow rose on behalf of the Alumnae Association, the ceremony closed with a speech from joint valedictorians Miriam M. and Elizabeth E.

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