Gr. 8 Team Building

Gr. 8 Team Building
Click me for a slideshow of the Gr. 8 Team Building Day

Grade 8 is an important transition year. Not only do students move from the junior school to the senior school, but there are also 25 brand new Yorkies to welcome. Grade 8 Team Building Day encourages bonding and new friendships as these girls embark on their high school journey together.

The day began on the field at YHS, then the group headed out to Quilchena park for some more team building games, followed by a pizza lunch back at the school.

The focus was on team building exercises that encouraged the girls to work together – such as the game “blob.” One “it” person recruits attempts to recruit more people to become part of their “blob”, so that by the end it’s a group effort to try and tag more people to become part of the blob. The players end up working together as a single unit.

With “cross the river” the girls had to find a way to work together to solve a problem – crossing an imaginary river together. If any member of the team touched the “water”, they had to start over.

Other activities included pitching a tent in teams and several games where the girls had to communicate with each other without speaking. This meant getting creative with sign language in order to complete the exercise. View the slideshow from the day.

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