Dancing to the Beat of a Different Drum

Grade 3 French African Drumming
Grade 3 French learns the “Djembe” with Fana Soro, an internationally acclaimed African musician from the Ivory Coast. Click for more photos!

Just before the Winter Break, the Grade 3’s had the privilege to learn some African drumming from Fana Soro, an internationally acclaimed musician from the Ivory Coast, West Africa.

Ever since the Grade 3’s studied a French play that takes place in Africa, they’ve jumped in to the amazing world of African culture – especially West Africa as most of the countries there are French-speaking.

The workshop conducted by Fana Soro was in both French and English. The girls had many questions for Fana about his life on the Ivory Coast, including such gems as “do you have an elephant?”

Part of the French program is to learn about French-speaking countries around the world. This workshop allowed the girls to use French to communicate with someone from another country. They also learned how to play the “djembe” (African drum), and dance and sing along with the music. Great fun for a Monday morning!

See more photos here.

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