5th Annual Heart2Heart Incredible Race

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, enthusiastic high school students from various schools trekked around Metro Vancouver searching and taking photos of iconic landmarks in Vancouver. This was the 5th Annual Heart2Heart Incredible Race!

Yorkies involved in this race includes: Coco Y. (Gr. 11), Carman L. (Gr. 11), and Summer Z. (Gr. 8). The main objective of the race was to gain as many points as possible by completing a list of tasks. Examples of tasks can be seen in the photo below:

Heart2Heart Incredible Race
Heart2Heart Incredible Race – List of Tasks

At the end of the day, the participants could probably all agree that it had been a tough battle for first place, which was four iPod Shuffles (one for each person in the team) and a $100 gift card of the team’s choice. The second place team won four $50 Starbucks card (Summer’s team!). And last but not least, the third place team won four $25 Chapters gift cards (Coco and Carman’s team!). However, the biggest beneficiaries of this fundraising event were not the race winners, but rather the children of Guiyang, China. From the race, we raised $958.68, which will be used towards improving the lives of Chinese children, mainly through education.

Heart2HeartThe Heart2Heart Foundation was founded by two students, Marco C.and Tom H., from St. George’s School. They wanted to make a difference in the lives of children who are unable to receive an education and then decided to raise money to build a school in their home country China. The first Heart2Heart fundraiser took place in Shenzhen, Guangdong and received generous donations. When they returned to Vancouver, they decided to invite other high schools to join them. This year, Heart2Heart has expanded to at least 10 different public and private schools in Vancouver with around 300 members.

Throughout the year, Heart2Heart will be hosting more fundraisers, such as the Annual Banquet, and a variety of York House events. For more information about Heart2Heart Canadian Youth Society, please visit http://www.h2hsociety.org, where you could read about its mission and watch videos from previous Annual Banquets or visits to Guiyang, China.

Coco Y.
Grade 11

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