Beat Cafe

Some of our creative writers and a few staff members gathered in the Bentley Room for treats, readings and sharing of creative writing pieces during Tuesday’s Beat Café. Thank you to all our brave readers and audience members for being such attentive listeners! Included below is one of the readings, a poem from Kira H.

Beat Cafe 1

How to look better.

This is never easy.

Look at your face, but don’t look too hard.

See that mole? Those freckles? Crows feet?

Only you can see them.

Don’t look too hard.

Do you see the tired eyes, the furrowed brow, and the downturned smile?

Feel your face, and the emotions pounding underneath it.

Rub your eyes –we all get wrinkles eventually

Feel where your emotions have poured out.

Salty tears, preparing to fill a bathtub, letting briny ocean waves wash over a lonely island, an island that is “ugly”

Now smile.

Do you hear your laughter? Do you see the life shining in your eyes?

Now speak.

Do you feel the air soften? Do you feel the spaces around you fill?

Like music, bright orbs of love and intelligence float lightly.

Or the looming shadows of cynicism, hatred, and criticism resound in the thick air.

The air is filled all the same.

Now laugh.

It’s not forced.

Somewhere inside you is a happy place, a sanctuary of memory.

For a minute you can forget divorce, death, and the diverging of two thoughts that were supposed to mingle together carelessly but didn’t.

Laugh because you have beauty stored in your heart.

Laugh because you have bottled emotions of hatred and abuse that you want to let free.

They will not always be there.

But sometimes they will hit you as you sit in the corner of some coffee shop on an idle Tuesday.

Or maybe when you stare into the mirror, not even attempting to see the millions of memories that swirl in the beauty that is your eyes, because you are looking at the wrinkles that lay beside them, formed from years of laughter.

Don’t look too hard.

Realize that those little lines indicate how many years you have been on this earth and inspired people, made them laugh, made them feel something.

The faint scars on your legs are because you are a tiger.

Your stripes, scars, speckles, smudges, stains, mark you. They individualize you. They separate you from the projections of perfection, lies.

They make you apart of something big. They draw you into a group of reality, truth. When you feel the bumps you can say this is me. Your skin is cracked because it can only attempt to hold back your endless ideas and emotions that pulse inside you.

Don’t look too hard.

Because when you look too hard, your brow furrows, your smile wanes, you cannot hear your laughter.

You see the little lines as lines.

Not as the markings of a warrior.

How to feel better;

See yourself for who you are, not masked by imperfection.

Your beauty can be heard in the sound of your voice, your laughter.

See yourself as others see you.

Don’t look too hard.

Kira H.

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