Gratitude Project Launches at YHS

Grades 1-7 will be participating in a school wide Gratitude Project starting today, Sep 30th and running until Oct 18th.

The idea was proposed by Lucila McElroy, the founder of The Gratitude Graffiti Project, which is currently taking place in other schools and businesses in Vancouver. Here is a link to a news story you may have seen last week about it:

Lucila and her team made a wonderful presentation to our students in this morning’s assembly to launch the project at YHS.

We are excited to embark on our very own Gratitude Project. Numerous studies report that practicing gratitude increases happiness, optimism, productivity, creativity, resilience and energy. By focusing on what we have and how thankful we are, we are choosing to view our lives through a positive lens. The way we practice is not as important as the frequency of practicing, so each class will have a short daily focus on what we are grateful for and record their ideas in different ways. Some will use gratitude journals, graffiti walls and windows or gratitude jars. In addition, each student will write one thing they are grateful for on a bunting flag and these will be hung in the corridors as a central, visual reminder to be grateful for all that we have.

Remember: “Gratitude is like shining a flashlight on all the wonderful things that are already here.” Why not start today?

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