Senior Volleyball Lower Mainland Champs

Senior Volleyball: Lower Mainland Champs
Senior Volleyball: Lower Mainland Champs

For the first time since 2001 and the 2nd time in York’s history our Senior Volleyball Team has won the Lower Mainland Championship! The girls defeated Elphinstone (a team that beat us at Lower Mainlands last year and in the 5/6 game at Provincials) in the semis to earn a spot in the finals vs STM (again!). The girls played extremely well, fought very hard, and fully earned the victory. I am extremely proud of them and they are extremely proud of their accomplishment.

The girls were led, again, by Kaleigh and Siobhan, with strong support from our entire lineup and particularly by our setters, Amelia and Meg. The girls played like a true team and are very excited to head to Provincials.

Thanks again for the support. Next up a week of practice, some matches against AAA #1 and #4 (Argyle and Handsworth) and AAA #1 (South Delta) on Thursday as we prepare to leave for Provincials on November 26.

Chris Ruse

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