Sr. Ultimate at Spring Reign

Sr. Ultimate Team
Sr. Ultimate Team

The Sr. Varsity Ultimate team was in Burlington, WA on the weekend of April 25-26 for the annual Spring Reign tournament.

They went undefeated in three games on Saturday, and won their quarter-final game on Sunday. Unfortunately they lost their next two games under pretty tough circumstances: both games ended on points with a tied score and, the team playing upwind. The team wasn’t able to complete the upwind point and they lost the semi-final and 3rd place game by one point.

The semi-final game also saw injuries to Laura and Manpreet. Both of these injuries, along with an injury to one of our key guys, contributed to the semi-final loss to an American team who ended up winning the tournament.

Still, our 4th place finish is impressive. In a tournament that attracts high school teams from across Vancouver, Washington, and Oregon, we ended up with the highest ranking of any Canadian team.

David Riendl

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