Student Elections

Helen, new Head Girl for 2015-16
Helen, Head Girl for 2015-16

Congratulations to all our candidates for a very impressive election run, and to our newly elected Student Executive for the 2015-2016 year!

The candidates were put through a rigorous process. There was a formal application, election poster and campaign video, an interview with Head of School Ms. Gionet, a Q&A at the Forum Assembly, and a Meet-and-Greet. Our candidates rose to the challenge and impressed us with their professionalism and enthusiasm.

The new Student Executive officially took over their roles on May 22 at the Blazer Exchange assembly.

The 2015-16 Student Executive are:

  • Head Girl: Helen
  • Vice Head Girl: Sarah
  • Community Service Captains: Aria and Angela
  • Algonquin House Captain: Navkiran
  • Huron House Captain: Ishira
  • Nootka House Captain: Sheriden
  • Iroquois House Captain: Michelle
  • Class Presidents: Erin, Isabella, Samantha and Julianna

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